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All pesticide tests are awarded ISO 17025.

Our screening methods test for more than 700 substances employing both measurement modules LC-MS/MS and GC/MS. Confirmation of compounds is carried out by means of GC/FPD and GC/ECD.

  • Depending on your sample matrix we can offer you tailor made solutions:
  • Fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, cereals by Quechers (EN 15662)
  • Tea and tea leaves by both GPC/SPE clean up and Quechers method
  • Complex matrices like spices or dried powders by GPC clean up
  • Samples with significant fat content like seeds or soy beans by GPC clean up
  • Pure fats and oils by GPC clean up

Our screening portfolio is completed by single/group methods such as inorganic bromide, dithiocarbamates, PCBs, surface conserving pesticides and chlormequat/mepiquat. On request we can offer a rush service meeting your requirement of a shorter turn around time.