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Sudan Dyes

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Sudan dyes, e.g. Sudan I to IV, Sudan Orange G, Sudan Red B, Sudan Red G, and Sudan Red 7B as well as other dyes like 4-(dimethyl-amino) azobenzene (Butter Yellow) and Para Red are basically synthetically produced red azo dyes. Their degradation products are considered to be carcinogens and teratogens. Due to this fact, the EU does not permit the use of these colours as food additives. However, in some countries, these dyes are still occasionally used in order to intensify the colour of bell pepper and chilli powder.

Eurofins Analytical Service

As part of a regular quality assurance program, it is highly recommended to screen products such as spices, spice mixtures, tomato based sauces, gravies and oleoresins etc. for Sudan dyes and other forbidden dyes.

Our laboratories constantly invest in R&D to develop and validate new analytical methods. We also keep a close eye, on a daily basis, on scientific developments and changes to national and international legislation. We can offer wide range of testing on dyes and food colouring, it includes:

  • 4-(Dimethylamino)azobenzene
  • Acid Yellow 36
  • Auramine O
  • Basic Red 46
  • cis-Bixin
  • Fast Garnet GBC
  • Oil Orange SS
  • Orange II
  • Para Red
  • p-Nitroaniline
  • Rhodamine B
  • Solvent Orange 3
  • Sudan Black B
  • Sudan I
  • Sudan II
  • Sudan III
  • Sudan Orange G
  • Sudan Red 7B
  • Sudan Red G
  • Toluidine Red
  • E 102 Tartrazine
  • E 103 Chrysoine
  • E 104 Quinoline yellow
  • E 105 Fast yellow FCF
  • E 110 Sunset yellow FCF
  • E 111 Orange GGN/GGL
  • E 120 Carminic Acid
  • E 122 Carmoisine
  • E 123 Amaranth
  • E 124 Ponceau 4R
  • E 126 Ponceau 6R
  • E 127 Erythrosine
  • E 128 Red 2G
  • E 129 Allura Red AC
  • E 131 Patent blue V
  • E 132 Indigo carmine
  • E 133 Brilliant blue FCF
  • E 142 Green S
  • E 151 Brilliant Black BN