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Pharma Project Management

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A single global lead Project Manager is responsible for each study at Eurofins Global Central Laboratory and manages all internal and external communications. This Project Manager follows the study at each stage, from the start-up, through maintenance to the completion of the study and has full access to all global data.

The term "spider in the web" is use to describe the Project Managers in Eurofins Global Central Laboratory. This is due to their involvement with all Eurofins departments from Data Management, Specimen Kits Production, Laboratory and Sample Storage and their role as the interface between the sponsor and the Eurofins Central Laboratory operations.

Under careful discussion, dummy runs are conducted prior to the receipt of actual specimens so as to ensure that all issues are fixed. Dummy runs are set up and performed in accordance to actual procedure with the exception of real patient specimens. In this way, all inter-departments' involvement and feedback will be provided to the Project Management team. The team will assess the overall situation and resolve them, ensuring smooth progress of the study.